Tuesday, September 23, 2008


im back from a micronesia tour with rebelution. we hit kauai. maui, the big island, oahu in hawaii and went to guam for a show.

only dude to go to hawaii and guam for 3 weeks and come back with zero tan...in all honesty im trying to stay out of the sun so i ran out of two big bottles of sun screen on the trip...id rather be alive than have a banging beach bod yo.

so the guys have been on the road with the expendables and opm for a week and the shows are all going really well....this is week 1 out of 8 weeks.

now im in the office marketing and promoting the tour for the next month or so then i meet up with them in nyc and stay on the road for a week and fly out of chicago...

i will be in new york, toronto, detroit, columbus and chi town in october so all you south african immigrants living all over this country hit me up and lets hang.

until next time just writing a little something and hopefully some new pics and video to follow.

during our show in oahu, hawaii steel pulse joined the band onstage for a 15 min jam of "green to black"...video by yours truly

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"i've given my whole life to this but i have to give it up"

the man with the most records. 1 million in archive and 1.5 million singles.

worth 50 million dollars

mad respect.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T-Pain is the new Nate Dogg

Saturday, August 9, 2008

wadda weeks

Sitting here on the couch after a little norcal trip with the Rebels.

We got up to Humbolt County on wed night after a quick stop off at Live 105 in San Fran for some station ID's (Hi this is Rebelution and your listening to the morning show)...shit like that.

Hung around for a few days, swam in the river played beer pong from sunrise to sunrise until the festival started on Friday. We played the earliest game of pong on Thursday morning at 10:20AM. As you know the Rebels roll deep so there was a crew of 34 of us camping backstage.

The bass played Marley grew up in Mendocino County and has been to Reggae on the River all 25 years of his life...and played the main stage infront of all his people. Truly amazing experience seeing him make a speech about following your dreams.

The show on Saturday was at 4pm and the response was incredible. "That band had the biggest crowd song knowledge and response out of any band that played when the sun was out"...wierd quote but very true. Kids were freaking. Did a little press after the show in the press tent and made our way back to tap a "White Shark" keg in less than 12 hours. Gargoyles wil do that too ya,

We played a private party for the staff of the festival on Monday night after all the campers and vendors left and made our way to the hotel for a clean shower and fresh bed. Then it was off to Chico.

After Chico was a sold out show at The Mystic (800 capacity) in Petaluma (shout out to Good Vibez Promotions brah) and another sold out show the next day in Santa Clara at The Avalon (900 capacity)....this is where the trouble began.

My laptop, Wes' laptop and Marley's "Perfect Pushups" fitness equipment were all stolen from our dressing room during the Rebelution performance, as the security were fucking morons and were letting people into the green room who diddnt have a wristband. This is why I dont have any pictures. They were all on my computer. And i'm actually pretty distraught over it. Ironically my wallet, camera and wide angle lens were both in the same bag my laptop was taken from but remain intact and I had just uploaded my pics to my camera and spent all day in the bus and hotel editing the pics.

So here is a blank text blog....boring.

reggae rising :

Ill try find some pics from our crew and post those soon.

We leave for Hawaii for two weeks on Thursday to Kauai, Kona, Hilo, Maui, Oahu and Guam for some shows. Ill have pictures from there unless we get blessed with more meathead scrutiny.



Friday, July 25, 2008


last night at the roxy was epic.

respect to you all who came out and sold that bitch out. the rebels killed it as did iration, latch key kid and the mystix.

i somehow came across this cover last night in a drunken afterparty situation and people started falling on the floor laughing.

i give you bill cosby doing sgt pepper's.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I am South African.

My heart and spirit is South African.

And while I may be white skinned and my great great grandparents come from Lithuania I was raised in South Africa and will always be a proud and true African.

I just deleted about 200 words of the beginning of my explanation on why we left..I'm not going to go into it.

Crime, Corruption, Racism and many forms of Bullshit are among a few reasons born and raised South Africans are taking their kids to other countries to ensure the possibility of a future. I could not live my dream I am currently experiencing if my parents had not given up everything...friends, family and what my father spent his life building as a career and move to the United States 7 years ago to start all over.

Lest most people forget about how South Africa is the most beautiful country in the world. Bar none with its landscape and beautiful people.

Apartheid was fucked up and I am so glad its over and this is when we celebrate one of the men responsible for fighting for equal rights.

I am posting this as a happy birthday to Nelson Mandela, but also informing those who do not know about the many fighters like Steve Biko who died to prove skin color doesn't make a fucking difference. F.W Deklerk was the president who abolished apartheid and made it legal for people of all colors to vote.

I get furious when someone says "Oh, what is Apartheid dude ?"...I dont ever hear "Oh, whats the Holocaust ?"

Happy 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela and much Respect.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A friend of mine is playing keys and guitar in the band and when he told me about it I have to say it sounded really cool. "Post Bristol Electro-Blues". The front man is also a Beatles offspring.

Dhani Harrison (take a guess whose son he is) started this band with Oliver Hecks and they released an EP in 2006.

The name thenewno2 is a reference to a British television show from the 1960s called The Prisoner

Their new album is called "You Are Here" and they are releasing it themselves. Surprise surprise.

Playing every Tuesday in August at The Key Club and its free and all ages.